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Maxxeshop are specialists in low volume production using state of the art SLS & FDM 3D printing systems. Our aim is to bridge the void between prototype and injection moulding. If tooling costs are prohibitively expensive for your product or you don’t require the volume demanded by injection moulding it’s time to email us or give us a call.

Maxxeshop bridges the gap between prototype and mass production. We offer fast, affordable, and scalable 3D printing services that can be used to create prototypes, functional parts, marketing materials, and more.

Maxxeshop have mastered the process of printing in PLA ABS ASA and Composites, with no need for support material, virtually no layer lines and short turnaround times, so you are guaranteed a great print. Using selective laser sintering we can produce one off rapid prototypes if that’s what you require or production runs of tens of thousands of parts, on demand.

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Get ahead of your competition by introducing additive manufacture in to your workflow and discover all of the same benefits as todays leading business. Our minimum order is only $40.00+GST so why not upload your STL file and test your first 3D printed parts this week?