Welcome to Maxxeshop’s print cost estimator. Here you will be able to work out the approximate cost of your 3D prints through us before you have the CAD data to print from. This will help with budgeting for your project from the start.

By simply inputting the X, Y and Z dimensions, you are able to get a guide price for your object. 

How to use:

  1. Use the input fields in the calculator to add the X, Y and Z dimensions of the bounding box of your STL file (Part for production). If you don’t have an STL file, you can measure the part you would like. The dimensions would be for the maximum X, Y and Z dimensions of the imaginary box that it would fit into.
  2. Select the quantity you would like – the price will automatically adjust including any discounts.
  3. Click the Calculate button and you will get an instant estimate.

N.B Maxxeshop do not offer design services, so you will require a suitable file in STL format for us to print your project. If you do not have the correct files contact us and we may be able to assist in getting your drawings and files created etc.