Nylon 12 (as powder also called SP301-M) is one of the single most versatile materials in professional 3D printing. Due to it’s mechanic strength, flexibility and heat resistance, it is a perfect choice for functional prototypes or end-use parts. Printing Nylon12 requires no support structures and therefore enables printing even the most complex designs.

The small batch production of end-use parts is one of the major strength of the material and technology. While laser sintering print cycles are relatively long (up to 1day), the through-put is among the largest of all additive manufacturing technologies. The reason is that parts can be built on top of each other, a feature which is not possible for other additive technologies like Stereolithography, FDM or Polyjet/MJM. Therefore, in just one print cycle, up to a few hundred parts can be printed.

Besides the speed and economic advantage of the material, Nylon12 / SP301-M displays mechanical and thermal properties, which are superior to most other 3D printed materials.