Our Australian based 3D Print farm has the capacity to provide an affordable, fast and efficient service, whilst only delivering quality prints. Whether it’s a small request or a large production run (5000+ items), we’re always happy to help!

Maxxeshop have mastered the process of printing in ASA, ABSPA12 & PA11 nylon and many other composite materials using our in-house farm of FDM and SLS machines. We have printed thousands of models in various materials, and are focused on delivering the very best FDM & SLS parts possible.

We offer the latest FDMSLS machines as the competing with all the global high end, consumer 3D printing services but with more personal service and a pricing structure that can prove to be very good value for money if you use it right.

Fast & Efficient Service

Our 3D print farm has the capacity to handle both small and volume orders within a short time frame. It’s this capacity that helps us keep prices low and maintain the prompt service our customers have come to expect.

Quality Results

Our reputation is very important to us. We aim to provide the best possible experience and have a strict quality control, only dispatching a product that meets our own high standard.

Free Advice & Support

We want you to succeed with your projects, so we’re are always very happy to offer advice and support. Often a small change to a design can make a model better suited for 3D printing.

We’re Experts in 3D

The team at Maxxeshop have been using 3D printing technology extensively for several years. Having previously supported small start-up's and the automotive industry, we have the experience of various printing technologies / methodologies.