Maxxeshop have mastered the process of printing in nylon's and other plastics and comnposite materials using our in-house bank of SLS and FDM machines. We have printed well over thousands of models in several materials, and are focused on delivering the very best SLS & FDM parts possible.

We offer the same SLS and FDM quality from our machines as the larger, European, high end, consumer 3D printing services but with more personal service and a pricing structure that can prove to be very good value for money if you use it right.

Are you interested in low volume productionprototypes or one-off prints?

What makes our parts stand out over other SLS & FDM 3D printing companies?

Quality Prints over Profit

We have invested over a million dollarst in our equipment. At present, we own a bank of industrial FDM and SLS machines. We only use OEM  materials with FDM materials we only use new quality maintained materials and with our SLS machines a max 50/50 reuse of recycled and new powder. We never use any other manufacturer’s material and we never change the mix, meaning you get the best possible results from these machines.

Check it Again!

To insure the very best parts possible and to maintain the high levels of consistency that our customers demand, we calibrate our machines on a weekly basis. This is crucial for low volume production where one batch has to be the same as the next, no matter the time gap between batches. This system goes above and beyond what is required to produce high quality parts, but we know our machines, inside and out, and how to get the very best parts from them.

White or Black?

Maxxeshop are proud to be one of the few companies in the in the world to offer Black & White as well as Color prints. We have invested over thoiusands in equipment to bring you the very best black white and colored parts possible as an in-house service. The process produces a solid colour that does not add thickness and is more durable than a painted finish. The finished is complimented in the case of ABS & ASA by a High Gloss finish (for a small extra charge).

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Looking at 3D Printing as an alternative to injection moulding?

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